How many men in porn videos are attracted to women's hairy pubes? Probably, this question can not be answered unequivocally, since the length of the pile can be different and, accordingly, the appearance of the pussy, too. It's one thing when a girl made some intimate haircut, put on beautiful panties and went to bed with her beloved. Thus, she shows that she was prepared for sex and will certainly not mind that the dude licked her sweet pussy. And quite another option, when the woman takes off her underwear, spreads her legs and shows a shaggy slit, in which the holes are not visible. From what you see, many partners may start to panic.

If we talk about students, they often try to put their genitals in order with a razor, so that everything is smooth in the end. First, you can do much better hygiene. At the same time, it becomes possible to show your lover the real degree of your excitement. There are dudes who, after passionate sex, prefer to cum on their companion's pubis. And now imagine that the sperm envelops the dense thickets and then it is problematic to wash it. More experienced ladies also take care of themselves, but with the machine in their hands, you will be able to see them much less often than young men.

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