Domination opens your eyes in a porn video on how sexual humiliation occurs by one partner of another. It does not necessarily turn out to be with the presence of discomfort or severe pain, but can be saturated only with familiarity with dirty pranks. However, we must not forget that the one who produces dominance can also get moral satisfaction. The pleasure of an erotic nature should also not be forgotten, but it is not in the first place in this case. There is already more of a buzz from superiority, which obliges you to enjoy this debauchery.

During this kind of domination, all the shyness and doubt about how to engage in debauchery goes away. It is simply necessary to humiliate a guy or a girl to such an extent that they know their place in debauchery. For example, make them crawl on all fours on a leash, lick the master's legs or submissively substitute holes for the penis. It all depends on how events develop in mating, after which you can successfully feel like a real mud. But it can't be any other way when someone wants to cross the line and feel like a real master over another.

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