69 position

Fuck in the 69 position in porn videos can be both men with women, and women with each other. This is because the vast majority of people prefer intimate pranks in this manner. When simultaneous caresses occur, it is difficult to refrain from remaining calm and not thinking about knowing the magic high. So it turns out that such touches lead to the fact that lovers are immersed in a state of full-fledged euphoria. It's not so easy to get out of it, and you don't want to do it, but you just get interested in getting orgasms.

As soon as the dude is ready to caress the holes of the young lady lying upside down to him, he has a major choice. On the one hand, he will want to touch her pussy, which is easy to lick. Juicy sexual sponges will ask to be decently processed, and also lick all the female juice oozing from there. On the other hand, the boyfriend can try to moisten the lady's point, from which she immediately falls into a state of euphoria. Before the girl is not worth such a sharp choice, because she just needs to suck the penis, which can quickly shoot sperm into her mouth.

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