Casting in porn videos, young girls often appear who want to understand how real it is to act in adult films and what they will have to do. It immediately becomes apparent that not everyone has the precious experience that you will need to play with actors. Most often, agents start testing women at the same time, take off their clothes and start fucking them. Occasionally, some Chicks allow men to tear them up in a point, without getting any pleasure from it. They simply understand that you need to agree to everything, even to what in normal life they rarely practice or do not do at all, just to please the operator.

There are many experienced Directors and agents who try to find the best models to look at. Each of them must meet the corresponding parameters of the shape, as well as other things. Naturally, first of all you need to see how the lady looks without clothes, and also what she will do when she is alone with an experienced faker. In this regard, it turns out that dudes need to give models a cheek, as well as tear them in different poses. Everything that happens must be done in front of the lenses of several cameras to see exactly what emotions the chick has on her face and whether she can Express joy in non-standard situations.

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