Facesitting in porn videos appeared a long time ago, but the right word for it was picked up only a couple of years ago. This process can be characterized by the fact that women, regardless of age and the number of clothes on them, climb on their partners and sit on their face. It is still difficult to understand why they are doing this. First, when a lady in shorts or even pants, it is not clear how the same language caresses can excite her or what her boyfriend will feel at this moment. If the debauchee has already managed to undress and sat down with a wet pussy on the nose of the partner, then it becomes clear that the dude must start her with oral caresses and prepare her for intercourse.

By the way, it is surprising that such scenes do not always end with sexual intercourse. Most likely, young ladies do something similar to show their superiority. You may have noticed that most often it is Fockers who require their friends to suck their trunks before sex. This process has already become mandatory and everyone tries to adhere to these rules. But a woman also needs to somehow tune in to sex. Any of the milfs will not mind that the dude bites her nipples or rubs her clitoris with his fingers, or maybe even took a special vibrator and shoved it deeper into the vagina of the beloved.

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