Sex in a condom in a porn video does not look as desirable as it is presented by the participants of this debauchery. However, you can not blame them for just thinking about their safety and do not want to make themselves erotic problems. After all, with this approach, there will be no infections, and unwanted pregnancy, too, which can not be happy. True, the sensations will also be completely useless, but this can be attributed to caution, which prevails over everything else. It should be, so that calmness prevailed, but you will definitely have to forget about orgasms for a long time.

As for men who wear condoms, it seems to them that members fall into the grip of something incredible. Being in such cramped conditions, penises do not feel friction on hot female genitals. However, even without it, the desire is so off the scale that there is a probability of early ejaculation, which will deliver a sky-high buzz. Whatever you do, this is something, and not a complete sitting on a starvation ration with a complete lack of ecstasy. At least this way you will be able to finish and say goodbye to the sperm, which will pour into the substituted shell and will not go anywhere further. Not a bad scenario.

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