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We’ve had a few inquiries get lost on this site as people have reached out wanting information on the event space at the Grand Army Building.  Here goes…
Beautiful Windows Main Room Sep 23
In 2016 we completed what would become “Castle Hall” on the second level of the G.A.R. here in Detroit.  The spaces were originally meeting rooms for the veterans of the Civil War and then used for various classes when this was a Parks and Rec Center.  With the Republic Tavern on the first level we thought what better place to offer up for weddings and special occasions than this.
Close Up Table Settings
You’ll see from the photos that it’s cleaned up well and already being put to good use.
Table Setup Pt 2 Sep 8 Wedding
For more information check out our website or call our Events Manager – MaryBeth at 313-446-8360.
Place Setting- Pinks
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One of the best things our team did was take photos of the entire G.A.R. building within days of purchasing it. Basement to rooftop in all is decrepit-ness.

Every now and then we take the time to play the “before and after” game.

This past week we opened the Parks and Rec Diner opposite the Republic Tavern and on the other end of the first floor… and what better time to see what we started with way back in 2011.

Just took these after yesterday’s lunch rush.

Check it out.









As we head into the Memorial Day weekend and talk generally leans towards summer activities and BBQs… we at Mindfield and the G.A.R. building will stop and remember not only the men who fought during the Civil War but also all the men and women who have similarly sacrificed so much for the United States in the years since.

The photo below was sent to us by a friend of ours who found it in the Burton Collection at the Detroit Public Library. It dates from 1934 and in the waning years of the surviving veterans meeting at the “castle”. The article states there were just 28 veterans left in the Detroit Posts. Their time spent at the G.A.R. would wind down in the years soon after this picture was taken and in time the building would revert back to the city for various uses over the next 4 decades.

We’re all very proud to be a part of this building’s renovation…it’s been an exciting journey to bring this one back to life. More importantly though is the history it holds and the memories of the men it was built to honor.

Please take a moment this weekend and join us in reflection for the true meaning of the holiday.




DSC_8397Somehow, after more than 100 years and 30 years worth of break-ins, the stairway at Detroit’s G.A.R. building remained almost entirely intact. Our teams may have replaced 12 spindles. Aside from that, the work done to them was about stripping the wood and refinishing the stain and protective coating.DSC_8382Before the common areas become too cluttered with “finishing touches” we thought we’d show off what is currently the highlight… the staircase.DSC_8373These photos will lead you from the lobby up to the third floor.DSC_8367Imagine the aged men with white hair steadying themselves as the climbed these steps and met with their fellow Civil War veterans.DSC_8349(Note: we do have a replacement “pineapple”for the lobby – it’s being stored a bit longer as we still have trades carrying gear past where it will live)

All photos by Lindsey Yeo



DSC_8413The second display case set up in the lobby currently holds items “found” in the Detroit’s G.A.R. building during the renovation. Our construction team was great at setting aside items they would come across as they dug holes or tore through walls. Over the 2 or 3 years they amassed a few dozen items from the building’s past. We’ve put most of them out just to the right of the elevator.DSC_8411It’s a varied collection of artifacts. Some were of the building itself, many were things the workers would have thrown away while the were building the castle and of course, a handful are items used by the veterans and their associates during the period this was a G.A.R. Hall.DSC_8416The liquor bottles were found in the rafters up in the attic. These appear to be from the period AFTER the “Boys in Blue” used the building. And how do we know this? Well, if you’ve been to Republic for a drink… you too would know the veterans whiskey of choice was “White Horse”.DSC_8412They left remnants of the case behind when they hand crafted their own cigar humidors.

Resourceful gentlemen that they were.

All photos by Lindsey Yeo



WClaxtonOne of our earliest (and best) discoveries at the G.A.R. building came during the initial clean-up phase. On the second floor, buried under 30 years of dirt, was a small riser where someone could stand and speak to a larger crowd of people. Our work crews were tearing it apart when they uncovered a marble plaque that once hung above the stage on the wall. At some point, someone had the “smarts” to take it from the wall and hide it beneath the stage to protect it. It rested there for decades until our team pulled it back out.

As written here previously, it honored six veterans who were closely involved in getting the G.A.R. built at the turn of the last century. They were:

William C. Claxton           William H. Fisher
Edgar A. Shook               Richard W. Allen
Charles F. Brown             Samuel B. Dixon

Please meet William C. Claxton. Past Commander of Fairbanks G.A.R. Post # 17.

We had the great fortune to have his great-great Grandson, Dan, in Republic last week for dinner. After a conversation with our server and a few emails we received this awesome photo of the first of the men listed on the plaque. William is a large reason Detroit has a castle.

William is pictured here with G.A.R. medals on his chest… and a crazy cool beard.

And the C. in his middle name… it stands for “Christmas”, of course.

Thanks Dan for bringing your ancestor back to the castle!!!