The G.A.R. Building Detroit

The Grand Army of the Republic


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With each passing week there are more and more signs of progress at Detroit’s Grand Army building. On any given day we’re seeing more and more teams of workers. The trades are having to work around each other at this point – and we think that is a pretty good problem to have.


In both the restaurants, workers are chipping away on the floors and ceilings alike. The building had been on steam heat prior to our moving in. The addition of a true HVAC system is bringing suspended duct work throughout.


The “core” of the building houses the kitchen and baths. The duct work here runs through the wall and to the center chase.


The existing brick walls is 2 feet thick in some areas. The opening to the left run from basement to attic. It will eventually hold runs for all the mechanical systems.DSC_9567

Same chase, looking up.

Photos by Mindfield’s Lindsey Yeo

Author: G.A.R. Building

The G.A.R. building was purchased by the media production firm Mindfield from the City of Detroit in November, 2011. Mindfield has started renovating the G.A.R., with opening slated for November 2014. Mindfield plans to occupy the top two floors itself, lease the ground floor for 2 restaurants, and dedicate a memorial to Civil War Veterans. The G.A.R. Building was designed by architect Julian Hess, and constructed at 1942 West Grand River and Cass as an appropriate structure for meetings and other G.A.R. related activities. The original construction cost was split between the Grand Army of the Republic (who paid $6000 of the cost) and the city of Detroit (who paid the remainder of the $44,000 total cost). Construction commenced in 1897 on the five-story building.

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  1. I am thrilled to get these updates to watch the restoration of this amazing historical building take shape. If there is ever a n opportunity to volunteer to help out, I would like to be on that list. I deeply appreciate all the folks that are making this happen!

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