The G.A.R. Building Detroit

The Grand Army of the Republic



22276-992_0015_01-scaled1000SO much going on at the G.A.R. building in Detroit these days – we’re not sure where to start with regards to an update for the blog…0a497-992_0043_01-scaled1000Perhaps most timely is the tour 100 or so people took during last week’s TEDx event here in the city. Our good friend Charlie Wollborg reached out to us a few months back and asked if we’d consider opening the G.A.R. for TEDx attendees – and as TEDx “talks” are one of Mindfield’s favorite things ever – we said absolutely.b54f6-992_0094_01-scaled1000A majority of the annual event was held at another downtown classis, the Gem Theatre.  After a morning filled with speakers, attendees boarded buses (provided by Andy Didorosi and the Detroit Bus Company) and made their way over to the G.A.R. for a quick tour and then two more talks by author Amy Bragg and G.A.R. co-­‐owner Sean Emery. Sean spoke on the history of the building and focused on the perseverance of the men and women who fought for it.e7672-992_0070_01-scaled1000After the talks, attendees were handed G.A.R. branded paint markers and asked to share their own stories of perseverance and personal victories. The words left on the G.A.R. walls will be documented prior to a final coat of paint and become part of a photo story displayed at the building.75b47-992_0119_01-scaled1000Many thanks to all of the TEDx’ers who made it possible and shared their visions of a better Detroit with us.  You all made it a fantastic event.

All in all, a great day for the building and the Mindfield/G.A.R. teams.

We’ll add more soon – as there is lots to share.  The roof is almost done, we’re raising a flag over the building to celebrate Veteran’s Day and we’d like to introduce you to a very cool woman named Celestine.

Author: G.A.R. Building

The G.A.R. building was purchased by the media production firm Mindfield from the City of Detroit in November, 2011. Mindfield has started renovating the G.A.R., with opening slated for November 2014. Mindfield plans to occupy the top two floors itself, lease the ground floor for 2 restaurants, and dedicate a memorial to Civil War Veterans. The G.A.R. Building was designed by architect Julian Hess, and constructed at 1942 West Grand River and Cass as an appropriate structure for meetings and other G.A.R. related activities. The original construction cost was split between the Grand Army of the Republic (who paid $6000 of the cost) and the city of Detroit (who paid the remainder of the $44,000 total cost). Construction commenced in 1897 on the five-story building.

2 thoughts on “BUSY BUSY…

  1. I think that is absolutely wonderful that the Mindfieldusa team is not only passionately rehabbing one of the most glorious Detroit icons, but their willingness to share the process and the building with others is a gift to Detroiters.

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